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Advent #17: Corona vs. Alstroem?

In the case of rare diseases – especially those that have not yet been researched – the smallest (medical) interventions can have unforeseen consequences. This includes vaccinations.

After Alström patients had already been vaccinated in the UK and Austria – without complications– there was a certain confidence that the Covid-19 vaccination would not cause any problems.

With the release of the vaccination for under 12-year-olds, there was now also the possibility for Ben (9) to be vaccinated.

When he heard about it, he was thrilled.

Like probably all young people, Ben also experiences the Corona pandemic as a constant companion of his 'youth' between lockdown, homeschooling and quarantine. Above all, the renunciation of many social encounters – his cancelled birthday parties as a sad climax – displeased him, like many others.

Now also – like adults – to be able to get at least a first protection in order to regain a little normality at some point seemed very logical to him.

The impatience led to the fact that in recent weeks we were asked very often when it would finally be time.

He desperately wanted to be one of the first to get the vaccine.

Today was finally 'the big day' – which began with the words 'What I am most looking forward to today is my first 'Piksi'.

Well, and then the time had come:

A bold step? An encourager? It was responsible and encouraging for me; to feel what the hope for a little more normality and security can trigger in terms of positive energy.

P.S.: Ben is doing very well – except for the slight 'pressure' around the 'spades'!


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