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Advent #14: Ben's Art - a project of the heart

Small successes and the recognition of one's own actions contribute significantly to the development of a healthy self-esteem and self-confidence - not only - of young people.

People with special prerequisites often have insurmountable hurdles here – due to an existing restriction – to achieve such 'successes'. But how can we also encourage these people?

The project 'Ben's Art' – which has since become a small business as part of the non-profit organisation – was and is such an encouraging example for me.

Ben, this is my son. He is 9 years old and has the Alstroem syndrome. He is almost blind and loves to paint.

Ben's Art should show the positive nature – the character – of Ben in combination with his form of expression – painting ('Art') – and give us the opportunity to combine his thoughts and our own thoughts when looking at the pictures.

Ben's Art is intended to inspire and encourage in a positive way – just as it does for Ben.

Since he is denied many opportunities to express or confirm himself, painting – but also the recognition he receives for it – gives him courage and self-confidence.

This idea ultimately resulted not only in the website, but also in an online shop. In a few days, the website and shop will appear in a new design. A first look at the landing page:

There is also a new project over Christmas... the first vehicle project....

And: the first two real pictures will be auctioned... just in time for Christmas so a real highlight...!

In addition, there will be other innovations. At the end of the week, the details will follow at this point!


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