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Finding the needle in a haystack


Approaches to Research

As a medical layperson, it is impossible and also somewhat presumptuous to classify the subject of research. Many outstanding works and initiatives stand in the face of the helplessness of a father who - quite naturally, I think - only sees the fate of his child. 

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AT the LAb
Every initiative needs an impulse, a trigger; someone to get things rolling. In this case the trigger was my son, the impulse comes from me.

But it should not be an initiative that depends on people - we are or were only those who hopefully get a few things rolling that ultimately motivate many to help many.

Therefore, the idea - the About - is a little different. Ben is introduced about one of his hobbies, me about my life, which has taken an exciting turn.


Really rare and not relevant?
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Do you have a talent for formulating complicated content in an easily understandable manner or do you have knowledge in the field of tax advice?  

I am looking for exactly this support through Flexhero! Load the app and search for Branewo!

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For the upcoming "implementation phase" there are initial offers for voluntary internships and thus the chance to help shape it right from the start!



Digitization, data, artificial intelligence - developments in the health sector can be observed at a fascinating pace. At this point will be  Examples shown that are intended to be stimulating and encouraging. 


Medikament zur Behandlung von Fettleibigkeit und zur Kontrolle des Hungergefühls


Unterstützt bei der Diagnose von Patienten mit ‎‎schwer zu diagnostizierenden‎‎ oder ‎‎seltenen Krankheiten‎ - mit Hilfe von künstlicher Intelligenz


Man darf sein Erbgut auf Krankheiten wie Altzheimer, Parkinson u.ä. testen lassen

Liminal BioScience

Biopharmazeutisches Unternehmen; Fokus auf Fibrose, einschließlich Atemwegs-/Leber-/ Nierenerkrankungen


Führendes Unternehmen im Bereich datengesteuerter Medizin


Non-Profit Biotech Firma, die Lösungen für seltene Krankheiten sucht


Ein tragbares Hilfsmittel für blinde und sehbehinderte Menschen, das visuelle Informationen über das Hören verfügbar macht

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